Auction price to new highs so long rolex replica 16 million

In Geneva Fu Yi Andean (Phillips) auction, a double chase Rolex Chronograph Ref.4113 eventually traded 2,405,000 Swiss francs, surpassing the 1,325,000 Swiss francs price rolex replica Daytona Albino Ref.6263, has become history the most expensive rolex replica.

replica rolex uk has always been a high investment value to the collection, the auction will usually be in focus. In the past, the auction also has good performance, let us recall that Rolex has been under a “high price” deal.

Overall, the copy watches is still very impressive, large pieces of solid platinum has some shocking. Discard skin element, excellent performance of the watch itself, the movement by the COSC certification.

replica rolex is the world’s peoples favorite watch brands, almost no one can reject its charm. Since the new Sea-not yet born, Rolex Kelpie is one of the most recognized Rolex diving watch, but after Sea-appear, it is natural to take over the Submariner’s “gun.”

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