Luminous replica watches brand classic technique fake watches uk

Creative development process with major watchmakers between luminous  replica watches Throughout the competition, I suddenly felt a little Glow actually hidden in so much mystery. As everyone knows several major watch brands for-nothing, by various means to illuminate a large square inch dial, but only to please you looked down at night.

Luminous watch King Ball (Ball) table  replica watches

Luminous Technology: micro gas light emitting from the body

Do need unique products, in recent years, Ball (Ball) in China gathered more and more popular, the table has done really good, magnetic, super-hard coating, of course, the most attractive or gas lamp luminous (Gas Light) technology. This is a scale to be embedded in the dial and pointer on autologous micro gas lights glow through this cutting-edge technology in Switzerland, in the case of need or rely on external light energy, self-luminous micro gas light brightness than the average traditional luminous paint high 100 times, and it can continue to light up to 25 years.

Luminous Technology: Radiomir, Luminor  replica watches

Panerai is an old brand, from 1860 on the establishment, and it is proud of three patents have left a luminous technology Radiomir. Why is this technology called Panerai Radiomir, radioactive luminescent material reason is that using radium radium. Radium is a pure white alkaline earth metal, after exposure to air will be oxidized black. All compounds are radioactive radium, radium Radium is a radioactive Latin name meaning. Radium nature is not stable, probably in 1600 will become the radon decay, because the decay continues, it will itself emitted blue light. Another important 1949 Panerai Luminor luminous technology has also applied for a patent for the use of the contents of another radioactive material tritium, as a light emitting material. This technique is safer, but there is still time constraints. Radium and tritium Both materials are part of a self-luminous type luminous material, without absorbing energy from the outside, on sustainable light.

In the luminous technology is so  replica watches343 sophisticated now, how to present this technology to become the focus of attention of various brands.

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